Letter from REECON To all who love to build a cleaner and healthier world:                                                                                   Korea has been the leader in Asia for clean technology and the setting of higher goals for reducing greenhouse gas emission for last two decades. However, starting this year Korea will be the most attractive market with ambitious new green energy policies that were announced June 2017 by President Jae Inn Moon. Korea set the most ambitious ever goals aimed at increasing the renewable energy share to 30% of national energy demand from 3% of current sta- tus by 2030 including getting out of nuclear power and coal energy. Considering the fact that nuclear energy is 45% of national demand of energy currently is quite challenging to Korea. It is also means a huge renewable energy market has just opened. Green cities have popped up all over Korea in the last two decades. It is part of the Korean culture that has a strong emphasis on heathy and conservative life style. The new administration just announced that the central government will decentralize the power industry by placing more emphasis on local government. This will encourage to sprout many more green cities. With this national green city movement REECON Korea has a special session focusing on world green cities. The top green city officials and business leaders will be our special guests and panel members. The green city government officials and business leaders from around the world will share information and best practices as well as looking for business partners by networking during the conference. In this endeavor we also have working together with “Go 100% Renewable”. I am confident in our success of event with the major Korean renewable energy associations are working together with REECON. Although this is the first year of REECON we have rich 13 years of experiences running one of the major renewable energy conference in Asia, Daegu International Green Expo and Convention, which has been the most attended renewable convention in Asia. The venue of REECON Korea is located to be the perfect place for international guests. REECON’s venue, Songdo at Incheon International Airport has a free trade zone for international businesses. We anticipate around 500 exhibitors, 50 expert speakers and buyer, and 30,000 participants from about 20 countries around the globe with thought provoking keynote speakers. REECON will be the premier networking platform in endeavoring to advance your business.  REECON has special services for companies to have opportunities to announce their new products and for special matching services between company to company.  I invite you to share your knowledge, benchmarking for your business idea and promote and market your products at REECON Korea. REECON will respond to your need to insure that your business prospers. I am looking forward meeting you on May 2 ~ May 4, 2018 in Songdo Incheon, Korea                                                                                                           Best wishes                                                                                                                                                                       Pur Seop Nam,  CEO  The Korea Energy News                                                                                          ​View details

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